Howard Anthony Stark

Peggy and Howard both loved Steve Rogers, but in two completely different ways. Peggy loved Steve because he was a good man. Steve was willing to sacrifice his own life to save the life of others. She saw him for who he was and she loved who he was. Howard, in Agent Carter, said that Steve Rogers meant a lot to him too. Howard loves him too, but not in the friend way or in the I’m in love with you way. Howard loved him because Captain America was the greatest invention he had ever made. To Howard, Steve was just an experiment gone right. That’s why he was never able to get over him. That’s why Howard went on and on about Steve Rogers long after he was gone. He couldn’t get over the fact that his greatest achievement had died. Peggy on the other hand was able to move on. She was able to come to terms with Steve being gone and she was able to live with that. 


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