Captain America: The Trump Adminstration

Donald Trump has been the president for about a month now and the world should know that Captain America would not like this or him for that matter. Trump wants to silence the media because of their “lies” and he wants to spread his fascism all through America. He wants to ban refugees and Muslims. He wants to cut funding for art programs because apparently that will improve the budget (it won’t). He wants to tell lies and doesn’t want anyone to call him out on it because they’re just “alternative facts”. These are all things that Steven Grant Rogers does not stand for. These are all things that are unamerican. These all things that no one should stand for. 

Captain America would be on the frontlines with a well thought out sign and sunscreen for the rest of the protesters. He would be fighting tooth and nail for the qualities that will make America great because he stands for America more than America ever will. He will fight like he is fighting a war because that is exactly what this is. It is a war against hate and discrimination and it is a war that everyone should be fighting because this truly is the people’s war. This is the internal war. A war far more important than any other. This is the war that will decide what America really stands for. Do we stand for hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamaphobia, xenophobia, and ableism? Or do we stand for love, equality, inclusion, liberty, justice, and the truth? What would Captain America stand for? 


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